Natural Acne Rosacea Remedies

Facial skin redness, acne rosacea looks like acne in adults. Fairly common in those 40 – 50 years old, symptoms of acne rosacea include redness of nose, cheeks or both; there may be pimples on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Acne rosacea also consists of long-term facial redness with the background of spider veins. … Continue reading Natural Acne Rosacea Remedies


Age Spots Natural Remedies

Age spots or discoloration of the skin is caused by excess Melanin. These unappealing brown spots are found on the hands, face or other parts of the body. Melanin is increased from sun exposure, age and hormones. Age Spots are usually treated with bleaching agents that have to be repeated because the spots always come … Continue reading Age Spots Natural Remedies

Dry Skin Natural Remedies

Skin can be dry, itching, scaling or parchment-like. Many people have chronic dry skin conditions. If it is acute dry skin is usually from a lack of water or fluid absorption. There are various medical treatments for dry skin, but they are often based on steroid and other toxic crèmes. From the natural perspective dry … Continue reading Dry Skin Natural Remedies

Eczema Natural Remedies

Most causes of eczema usually relate to liver or kidney health. Liver signs include anger and irritability symptoms. Physical problems are usually right-sided. Also look for brown or yellow coloration of the skin. Kidney signs include fears and forgetfulness. Physical signs are abnormal urinary habits or pains in the lower back area. Kidney eczema is … Continue reading Eczema Natural Remedies

Excessive Sweating Natural Remedies

Hand sweat, particularly of the palms is the most disturbing as it can affect one’s work, especially if they use their hands frequently. Severe armpit sweating can create smells, and spots as well as salt buildup on clothing. Foot sweat can also disturb work and can cause social problems as it can be very stinky. … Continue reading Excessive Sweating Natural Remedies

Melasma Natural Remedies

Melasma is also called cholasma which is a hyper-pigmentation, usually on the face. It is sometimes called the pregnancy mask. Melasma is mostly seen in women. It is a brown discoloration of the skin. Causes of melasma can come from a genetic tendency. During pregnancy it can appear and go away after giving birth. It … Continue reading Melasma Natural Remedies