Candida/Vaginal Yeast Infections Natural Remedies

A vaginal yeast infection means that too many yeast cells, usually called Candida albicans, are growing in the vaginal area. When healthy, the vaginal bacteria keep the yeast in check. Candida in women is usually indicated by any kind of vaginal discharge, itching, burning, or possible dryness. There may be irritability, bloating, anxiety and nervousness. … Continue reading Candida/Vaginal Yeast Infections Natural Remedies


Dental Surgery Natural Remedies

Dental surgery complications include bleeding, infection, and inflammation. These complications are generally treated with antibiotics and pain killers that may have unwanted side effects. Make sure to use probiotics like Primadophalis Reuteri after antibiotics. The natural outlook is preventative in nature, but can be used at any time. Natural Healing Protocol: Combining supplements will do … Continue reading Dental Surgery Natural Remedies

Ear Infection Natural Remedies

Pain in the ears may signal an inner ear infection. Found mostly in infants to children six years of age, ear infections can affect older children as well as adults. Prominent signs of ear infections include pain, crying, pulling at the ears, dizziness, and discharges when the eardrum bursts, loss of hearing, and sometimes glands … Continue reading Ear Infection Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Fever in Adults

Fevers are the body’s response to accumulated toxins; they are a barometer as to what is going on inside our body. It is our vital force’s attempt to heal the body. One may experience heat or even chills. Generating the ability to kill bacteria and viruses to facilitate elimination through perspiration, a fever is considered … Continue reading Natural Remedies for Fever in Adults

Children’s Natural Fever Remedies

A rise in body temperature above 99° Fahrenheit constitutes a fever. Symptoms may include tiredness, weakness, heat of the forehead, and chills. Causes of fever include toxicity, or the flu or a cold, and may be commonly connected with ear infections. The thyroid, pituitary, and hypothalamus malfunction can also contribute to body temperature. The child’s … Continue reading Children’s Natural Fever Remedies

Leg Ulcers Natural Remedies

Leg ulcers begin with small open areas of the skin, mostly of the lower third of the lower leg. If neglected it may grow to open sores which are round or irregular shaped. These leg ulcers may deepen and appear as a dirty green-gray mass or raised irregular inflamed borders. With leg ulcers there can … Continue reading Leg Ulcers Natural Remedies

UTI, Urinary Tract Infections Natural Remedies

A UTI, Urinary Tract Infection, is an inflammation of the kidneys, bladder, or the urethra. Symptoms of UTI include pain, burning or urge to urinate. Causes of UTI may include sensitivity to soaps, poor sanitary conditions, or especially in urinary tract infection in women, from a short urethra. Most urinary tract infections treatments are with … Continue reading UTI, Urinary Tract Infections Natural Remedies