Natural Acne Rosacea Remedies

Facial skin redness, acne rosacea looks like acne in adults. Fairly common in those 40 – 50 years old, symptoms of acne rosacea include redness of nose, cheeks or both; there may be pimples on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Acne rosacea also consists of long-term facial redness with the background of spider veins. … Continue reading Natural Acne Rosacea Remedies


Natural Remedies for Allergies

Allergies are an inflammatory response to a specific allergen or substance that provokes inflammation. Inflammatory symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, watering eyes and can even become as severe as anaphylactic shock. Allergy tendencies are hereditary and may come from a depleted immune system and diet rich in high allergy foods such as dairy, grains, pollution, … Continue reading Natural Remedies for Allergies

Food Allergies Natural Remedies

Food allergies or sensitivities to particular foods may produce the need for a very restrictive diet. A food allergy occurs when the body's immune system reacts to otherwise harmless substances in certain foods. Allergies to foods may cause you to feel bad, increased mucus in your body or even create life-threatening symptoms. Family history of … Continue reading Food Allergies Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Hay fever Symptoms

Hayfever is an allergic reaction to pollens, dust, and chemicals especially at certain times of the year. There is swelling of the mucous membranes of the nasal passages. Symptoms of Hay Fever may include sneezing, runny nose, burning eyes, exhaustion, mucus discharges and swelling. The pollens that cause Hay Fever vary from person to person. … Continue reading Natural Remedies for Hay fever Symptoms

Spring Allergies Class Notes

Allergies seem to hit people at different times of the year, but most seem to have symptoms starting in the early spring. Some of your comments about symptoms included: "Sinus blockage (can't breathe correctly) that leads to sinus pressure headache." – Shawn Marie 'Itching. I have occasional runny nose and sinus distress, but I itch! … Continue reading Spring Allergies Class Notes

Remedies for Pet Dander Allergies

While more than 70% of families in the United States have pets, approximately ten percent of the population has an allergy to pets. Animal dander, or skin flakes can cause an allergic reactions including sneezing, wheezing, and watery eyes or nose. The animal hair itself is not considered to be a very significant allergen, however, … Continue reading Remedies for Pet Dander Allergies

Baby Congestion Natural Remedies

Nasal congestion in babies interferes with sleeping and feeding, when nasal pathways are blocked. Congestion comes when a nursing mother may have a diet too rich in dairy products or there is too much stress from lack of sleep which affects the quality of mother’s milk. The baby may have allergies to the formula. For … Continue reading Baby Congestion Natural Remedies