Endometriosis Natural Remedies

Endometriosis happens when the endometrial lining (uterine lining) grows outside of the uterus, most frequently on the fallopian tubes and in the abdomen. It can grow almost anywhere in the body and sheds with the normal hormonal cycle. Endometrial tissue can be of a light filmy composition and growth can be severe enough to be … Continue reading Endometriosis Natural Remedies


Natural Uterine Fibroid Support

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths inside or outside of the uterus and may cause excessive or severe bleeding. Up to 30% of women experience uterine fibroids and 20% of these may need intervention. The growths may be so large as to displace other organs or interfere with proper functioning. Doctors often use surgery to remove … Continue reading Natural Uterine Fibroid Support

Gray Hair Natural Remedies

Gray hair is not always related to age. It is the process where pigmentation of the hair is lost and the hair appears in various stages of gray. The changes can happen very suddenly or gradually. Causes of gray hair include heredity, stress, thyroid imbalances, anemia, and B-12 deficiency. Smoking and alcohol also contribute to … Continue reading Gray Hair Natural Remedies

Greasy Hair Natural Remedies

Excessive oil, or greasy hair can be caused by hormonal issues with men or women with elevated testosterone levels, ovarian problems, etc. it can also be caused by adrenal or thyroid weakness. It can also be caused by dermatitis, a form of scalp irritation. Modern medicine used medicated shampoos which don’t address the cause. The … Continue reading Greasy Hair Natural Remedies

Hair Loss in Women Natural Remedies

Hair loss in women is usually in the form of androgen alopecia where there is too much testosterone in relation to estrogen. The hair is thinning. Hair loss in women may be due to a weak thyroid. Sometimes women lose hair after childbirth because they don’t lose hair at the normal rate during pregnancy. But … Continue reading Hair Loss in Women Natural Remedies

Melasma Natural Remedies

Melasma is also called cholasma which is a hyper-pigmentation, usually on the face. It is sometimes called the pregnancy mask. Melasma is mostly seen in women. It is a brown discoloration of the skin. Causes of melasma can come from a genetic tendency. During pregnancy it can appear and go away after giving birth. It … Continue reading Melasma Natural Remedies

Menopause Natural Remedies

Menopause for women starts generally between the age of 45 and 50. Sometimes it may start before 40 and last as long as 55. A woman’s period is irregular, becoming less frequent, and will finally leave during this time, or women may have more frequent periods with heavier bleeding. In other cases the period becomes … Continue reading Menopause Natural Remedies