6 Strategies for a Healthy Summer

Summertime is an opportunity for us to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, family activities, and to exercise our physical bodies. We also feed our souls from the beauty of Mother Nature. The following are some simple strategies to stay healthy so you can enjoy this brief season:

Strategy 1
Limit your sun exposure to before 11 am and after 4 pm during the day, to avoid sunburn. Exposing your skin to the sun at the right time of day can give you the Vitamin D you need, while protecting your skin. If you are in the sun after 11 am and before 4 pm use sun block, hats, or cover up with light clothing.

If you get burned, use Aloe Vera gel or Calendula gel. Calendula is as not as well known as aloe, but can be more effective for some people. Bacteria cannot grow in its presence, thus helping the body to heal wounds quickly.

Strategy 2
Eat seasonal fruits. They are high in water content, rich in antioxidants, and are nature’s way of cooling you down without air conditioning. Eat at least 5 servings of fruit a day.

Strategy 3
water bottleDrink sufficient fluids; at least fifty percent should be water and the rest should come from fruit juice or herbal teas. Stay away from sodas as they rob you of calcium and may deplete your bodily water reserve (diuretic). Coffee and black tea shouldn’t count as quality liquids. They also act diuretics, removing water from your body, and wreaking havoc on your gastrointestinal system.

Strategy 4
Cover up at night to avoid mosquito bites. Use citronella-based products to keep them away from you. And remember, the more sugary foods you eat the more you will attract them. Eat garlic, onions, and chives as they keep away these little “vampires.”

Strategy 5
Pace yourself if you are not in shape for physical activities. Start slow by walking 20 – 30 minutes morning and evening, and you will be in good shape in a matter of a couple of weeks.

If you get sore from physical activity, take homeopathic Arnica 30c (a gentle and safe medicine that won’t interfere with any other medication) every couple of hours. The pain and soreness will go away quickly.

For those with arthritis or stiffness, take homeopathic Rhus tox 30c twice a day to loosen you up. This is especially good when weather changes affect you poorly, with more stiffness and pain.

Strategy 6
“Summer complaint” is an old term used for the summer flu, a type of gastrointestinal problem that causes diarrhea. Last year it was a big problem for many people. This year, be prepared by having both a homeopathic remedy called Podophyllum 30c and White Oak bark herb in capsules. Podophyllum homeopathic helps body regulate the colon and stop diarrhea in a natural way. White Oak bark capsules (2 or 3 capsules, taken 3 or more times a day) help firm up stools. Taken together, most people see results in 12 to 48 hours.

Using these strategies you can stay cool and have a fun and healthy summer!


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