Natural Remedies, Diet, Symptoms of ADHD/ADD

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder or ADHD affects children as well as adults. Symptoms include dysfunctional behaviors such as poor concentration, difficulty in school, impulsiveness, and erratic emotions. Natural remedies help support the imbalances in the nervous system. Treatments include behavior modification, special diet, flower essences, essential oils, herbs, and other natural remedies for ADHD symptoms. … Continue reading Natural Remedies, Diet, Symptoms of ADHD/ADD


Alzheimer’s Natural Remedies

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s start when a person forgets names, places, and where they put their keys with personality changes and impulsive behaviors; it progresses to forgetting events recently or in the past; lastly people are not remembered, frustration sets in, doors are left open, the stove is left on, and they can’t remember where they … Continue reading Alzheimer’s Natural Remedies

Anger Management Natural Remedies

Anger is the state of mind that reflects an emotional sensitivity. It is caused from emotional sensitivity or weakness or damage to the liver. This can happen from foods and poor dietary habits, pollution and most commonly from almost all medications. Common over the counter pain relievers are the most frequent offenders. Physical symptoms can … Continue reading Anger Management Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Anorexia

In anorexia, it is mostly women who starve themselves for a variety of reasons. It affects up to 2% of the American population. Anorexia often starts at puberty but may begin at any time. It is a modern disorder and can be life threatening. Signs of anorexia Abnormal weight loss Obsession about food Wears baggy … Continue reading Natural Remedies for Anorexia

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety and nervousness are symptoms of your body responding to stress. The medical community has put the name of General Anxiety Disorder or GAD to this. Millions of Americans experience anxiety each day. It helps them deal with a tense situation in the office, or keep focused on an important speech. In general, it helps … Continue reading Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Natural Remedies to help those Avoiding Eye Contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul. How we look at people and how we look at the world affects us mentally, physically and even spiritually. Children, as well as adults may have fear of closing their eyes or avoiding eye contact with others. When children avoid eye contact it may also be a … Continue reading Natural Remedies to help those Avoiding Eye Contact

Natural Bipolar (Manic Depressive) Remedies

Bipolar is the new term for manic depressive. It is considered a psychiatric disorder – please use this material along with professional help. Manic-depressive, or bipolar, is an alternation of psychological states of depression – from mild to suicidal – and manic states where a person can feel almost high and can go without sleep … Continue reading Natural Bipolar (Manic Depressive) Remedies