Hemochromatosis Natural Remedies

The traditional form of hemochromatosis is an iron overload disease; the body absorbs too much iron, stores it in the pancreas, liver and heart. It can cause these organs to fail if it is not discovered early enough. If left unchecked hemochromatosis can damage the heart muscle. Too much iron can be too much of … Continue reading Hemochromatosis Natural Remedies


Stroke Natural Remedies

A stroke is a CVA or cardiovascular accident that affects millions of Americans and more around the world. Apoplexy is the old term used for strokes. The risk for stroke is greater for men, occurring more frequently than women over the age of forty; however, in this modern American age that could be changing. A … Continue reading Stroke Natural Remedies

Buerger’s Disease Natural Remedies

Buerger’s disease is an inflammation of the arteries and veins of the hands and feet that cause pain and damage. It is seen predominantly in men in their twenties through forties, and is found in men from the Middle East. It is caused most likely from a genetic predisposition but mostly from heavy tobacco smoking. … Continue reading Buerger’s Disease Natural Remedies

Stroke Prevention Natural Remedies

The warning signs of stroke are dizziness, pressure on the chest, headaches, sleep disturbances, irritability and exhaustion. This is the time to change your lifestyle and diet patterns. Causes of stroke Lifestyle suited to strokes are being over 40 years old, obesity, stressful life, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis (cardiovascular disease), smoking, moderate to heavy drinking … Continue reading Stroke Prevention Natural Remedies

TIA Natural Remedies

Transitory or transientischemic attacks are also called mini-strokes. There can be noticed, or go unnoticed and cause problems from lack of blood flow and oxygen to the brain. TIAs can be a forerunner to a major stroke but not always so. It is a warning sign to change your lifestyle. The warning signs of stroke … Continue reading TIA Natural Remedies