Natural Earache Remedies

Earaches come from infection or inflammation of the inner parts of the ear. They may also be caused by Eustachian tubes that are blocked or inflamed. They can be acute or become chronic over time. Often ear problems, as the Chinese describe, are linked to kidney problems. One can put a hot pack over the … Continue reading Natural Earache Remedies


Ear Infection Natural Remedies

Pain in the ears may signal an inner ear infection. Found mostly in infants to children six years of age, ear infections can affect older children as well as adults. Prominent signs of ear infections include pain, crying, pulling at the ears, dizziness, and discharges when the eardrum bursts, loss of hearing, and sometimes glands … Continue reading Ear Infection Natural Remedies

Hearing Loss Natural Remedies

Hearing loss is a complex subject where overall volume of hearing is affected. Hearing loss may pertain to noises in the ear (tinnitus) which compete with other sound. Hearing loss will affect over one third of those over the age of 65. Primary hearing loss may be an obstruction in the ear canal, mostly from … Continue reading Hearing Loss Natural Remedies

Vertigo and Meniere’s Disease Natural Remedies

Vertigo is sensation of objects moving and spinning around. It’s an inner ear disturbance involving the eyes or visual stimuli. Your inner ear’s function is for balance and perception for positioning. Causes are most commonly inflammation of inner ear parts, acoustic neuroma (nerve blockage), cerebral artery disease, spinal degeneration, high blood pressure, anemia, thyroid problems, … Continue reading Vertigo and Meniere’s Disease Natural Remedies

Tinnitus Natural Remedies

Tinnitus is when you hear noises that sound from within the head and not from external sources. These noises can be anything from ringing or hissing to buzzing and almost anything else. There are a variety of causes. Loud or persistent job or entertainment noises can cause serious hard to treat tinnitus. It can be … Continue reading Tinnitus Natural Remedies