Natural Remedies for Cataracts

Cataracts are caused by a protein buildup of the eye lens causing a clouding of the vision. A quarter of the population over the age of 65 suffers from cataracts. They also may appear after an eye injury. Cataracts may interfere with vision gradually, eventually obscuring vision completely and causing blindness. Causes are attributed to … Continue reading Natural Remedies for Cataracts


Pink Eye(Conjuncitivis) Natural Remedies

Also known as Pink Eye, conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva or covering over the white of the eye. Causes - bacterial, fungal, or allergic reactions. It can be very contagious. It can be from eyestrain or results of other diseases. Symptoms are sore swollen eyes with puss and mucus discharge that can give … Continue reading Pink Eye(Conjuncitivis) Natural Remedies

Eye Cornea Natural Remedies

The cornea is the outermost transparent layer protecting the eye. The curve of the cornea influences the refraction which determines whether vision is nearsighted or farsighted. Modern medicine treats cornea problems with various medications and procedures. Always see a professional when corneal problems are suspected. Using natural supplements of herbs, cell salts, and homeopathic remedies … Continue reading Eye Cornea Natural Remedies

Ptosis-Falling Eyelids Natural Remedies

Ptosis is a condition where the muscles of the upper eyelid lose their elasticity, sometimes due to paralysis, which can cause loss of vision. Causes include the following: cataract surgery as the area is weakened anyway; obesity and fat that causes a weakened eyelid; weakened connective tissue of the upper eye lid. Medical treatment usually … Continue reading Ptosis-Falling Eyelids Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Eyes

Your eyes are the window to this beautiful world. You can have better vision naturally through a healthy diet, and using natural supplements. Sometimes vision problems are hereditary, but oft times they come when we don’t want to “see something” we need to change in our lives. As this happens, the eyes weaken and we … Continue reading Natural Remedies for Eyes

Far-Sighted Aging Eye Natural Remedies

People in their forties to fifties seem to lose vision; the lenses of the eyes become hard and the ability to focus becomes worse. Causes are generally aging, perhaps heredity. Women going through menopause can experience farsightedness too. Poor nutrition and drug side effects may contribute to this aging phenomenon. Vision changes vary from person … Continue reading Far-Sighted Aging Eye Natural Remedies