Insulin Resistance and Adult-Onset Diabetes

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Adult-onset Diabetes is the disease that most adults can heal without using medications. This is a stunning statement considering billions of dollars that are spent by Americans every year on diabetic medications. Drug companies assume that Americans are unwilling to change their diets and therefore have developed drugs to relieve symptoms; but they never cure the problem. I believe that Americans can turn this epidemic around and find tremendous health.

It is a dysfunction of sugar metabolism, contributing to weight gain, high blood pressure, and cholesterol and triglyceride deregulation. Most commonly we see the accumulation of fat on the belly. This big belly or fat on the abdomen is a very good sign of insulin resistance and pre-diabetes, but it can be taken care of rather quickly, and naturally, without the use of medication.

While insulin resistance is a recognized condition in the medical field, medication is generally all that’s prescribed. Most of these medications serve to cause problems with the liver and may even burn out the pancreas insulin-producing function. Remember, these drugs were brought about to satisfy Americans’ needs for relief of symptoms without actually changing their lifestyle.

My Experience

A new revelation started for me early this summer as I attended an herbal symposium in Ashville, North Carolina. Paul Bergner was teaching a class on insulin resistance. As an herbalist and a nutritionist, he presented countless articles and research studies showing how this problem is killing Americans.

After taking the class on insulin resistance, I then decided to take the entire course, and with it came almost 300 pages of notes and scientific articles showing how to reverse this condition in 3 to 6 months, naturally. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a skeptic. Before I would share this information, I decided to go on the program he recommended, and see for myself how it would work.

Much to my surprise, he advocated a low-carb diet similar to Atkins and South Beach, with a few simple changes. The benefits, all based on scientific researched, show that a low carb diet will increase cardiovascular health, normalize cholesterol and triglyceride levels, blood pressure, uterine fibroids, cancer prevention, and mental well-being, just to name a few.

As I am in good health, I started on the program wanting to gain more mental clarity. Within a few days I was thinking clearer and feeling better. To everyone’s surprise, I have now lost 25 pounds, not restricting my calorie intake, but carbohydrate intake. Basically, I just eliminated any kind of grain, and fruit out of my diet. The amazing part was how easy it was to do. While over the last fifty years I’ve had hypoglycemic tendencies, I no longer have that as a result of this. I was very pleased to lose belly fat accumulated over the past few years. Some men consider it a badge of honor, not me.

Since then, I have introduced this low-carb diet to many of my clients, and about 50% of them reported much success. I mention all these things because one of the biggest barriers of insulin resistance and diabetes is obesity, especially belly fat.

Just recently, a couple experiencing a myriad of health issues decided to go on the low-carb diet together. In 3 weeks the husband lost 10 pounds and the wife lost 7 pounds. All of this came off around the belly. He had been experiencing severe headaches over the last several months, and remarked since he had been on the diet he hadn’t had any. The wife remarked on her conditions that had disappeared since she had started the diet. So, there main health problems were resolved without any other intervention, only using the diet.

See my healing protocol for Type II Diabetes. And remember to consult with your doctor when making any change in exercise or using supplements, and check your blood sugar twice a day. These natural solutions will not only help lower blood sugar, you’ll have a clearer mind, more energy, and better health.


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