What is Health? Good Health?

Your health is affected by heredity, stress, pollutants, foods, exercise, and more. It takes a certain amount of energy to maintain good health.

CarI know a man who’s really into cars. “I treat my cars well, washing, changing the oil every 3,000 miles, and keeping their fluids topped off regularly to make sure they last a long time.”

“How do you maintain your marriage, and treat your wife?” I asked. He had mentioned they were having some problems.

“Probably not as well as I should,” he confessed.

We all have areas that we neglect to maintain. It is delicate balance. Your total health encompasses physical well being, where you are energetic, free of physical pain, and functioning right; mental clarity and making good decisions are a part of that health; then comes emotional and spiritual peacefulness as a part of the equation.

George Vithoulkas, a major contemporary contributor to the growth of homeopathy states:

“Health is
freedom from pain in the physical body,
having attained a state of well being;

freedom from passion on the emotional level,
having as a result a dynamic state of
serenity and calm;

and freedom from selfishness in the mental sphere,
having as a result total unification with Truth.”

Some of you may have good physical health, and yet be lacking in your emotional relationships, or mental health (through learning disabilities or experiencing paranoia). When you don’t feel right, something is out of balance, and it’s time to evaluate your life and make positive changes. If you don’t, your body will respond to balance the equation by creating illness or disease in order to remind you that something needs to change.

Many of today’s physical problems are handled in a way that goes against natural law. Bad habits, which modern society adores, make it easy to slowly degenerate our bodies, minds, and emotions. Many people spend years becoming more and more ill; then they want a “quick fix” when they are at the end of their rope. Modern medicine obliges with medications that make you feel better for a short time, or what we call palliative. Many of these medications have side effects that cause other long-term problems.

In our society, we tend to force our bodies to do, or not to do, certain things. We call it “getting things under control.” The fact remains, there is a cause to our lives being out of balance, and it affects us either on the mental, emotional, or physical level. The effort to find the cause and rectify it is one of life’s challenges. As you search for your personal healing, the answers will come.

Copyright 2015 by David R. Card