Good News for Women’s Health

Hormonal health defines the way a woman feels and how she influences those around her. Most of my clients and those that visit health food stores are women. Women are an integral part of society and the family. They are the root and base of the family. Children recognize the old euphemism, “If mama don’t feel good, ain’t nobody in the family gonna feel good.” Society doesn’t always value the notion.

Medicine recognizes that hormonal imbalances cause physical problems such as excessive bleeding, menstrual cramping, breast tenderness, bloating and more. Emotional symptoms, however, including anger, irritability, anxiety, depression, memory problems, concentration problems, crying, libido and sleep problems, are not considered the norm. Some psychologists or psychiatrists would consider them as mental diseases. While all these symptoms are common, they are not necessary just because you are of the female gender.

In our society, the medical field encourages chemical birth control methods, which can create further hormonal imbalances. They may have unwanted side effects. Even post-partum depression is treated as a disease instead of a hormonal imbalance.

Here’s the Good News for Women—while most of the above symptoms, both mental and physical, are common, they are NOT NORMAL. A simple but effective solution is to avoid chemical (internal) birth control methods. By using advice from a Planned Parenthood contraceptive brochure, you can avoid using those powerful hormonal (and toxic) chemicals. Next, clean up your diet, eliminating tobacco, coffee, and black tea. Avoid animal fats and products as they are full of chemicals that affect your hormonal balance. Then get some help from your plant friends—herbs.

Try using the herb Vitex also known as Chaste Tree Berry. While medicine is largely uninformed about herbs, scientists have done quite a bit of research on Vitex. This research shows that it may be as effective as an anti-depressant drug without the side effects. Vitex has been shown to be safe and effective in balancing estrogen and progesterone levels. And for just under $8.00 a month, it’s a bargain. Further research shows it is effective for endometriosis and poly-ovarian cystic syndrome. Wow! And it is invaluable for all ages of women from puberty to post menopause.

Women, let nature take its course and use the herb Vitex to improve everyone’s quality of life, so mama can be happy.


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