5 Keys for Successful Weight Loss

We had a great turnout for Dave’s live class on weight loss. In case you missed it, we’ve included some highlights below.

happy healthy womanFor a full printable copy of the class notes click the link below to download the free PDF Class Notes for 5 Keys to Successful Weight Loss.

Included with each key you’ll find the What To Do section. Then, at the conclusion Dave gives his recommendations for Optimal Supplementation to support Weight Loss. Here are some excerpts and what you’ll learn:

1-Move More—Exercise

In reality, it takes moderate exercise (and moderate reduction of calories) to lose weight – Energy in, energy out. Perhaps the best method is…

2-Give Your Body the Right Nutrition

One of the biggest challenges to weight loss is how we eat. I have countless women complain of eating less and less calories and not losing any weight. It may be simpler than you think to reduce your…

3-Get Good Sleep

Sleep plays an important part in weight gain and loss. To maximize weight loss, sleep 7 ½ to 8 hours at night. Our body uses the sleep time to detoxify and..

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4-Address Emotional Issues & Stress

Emotional issues may cause the majority of weight loss problems for people. Stress and other negative emotions can alter the body’s chemistry…

5-Balance Your Hormones and Endocrine System

Metabolism control is one of the keys to a healthy weight loss. Keep your endocrine system healthy. This system is often out of balance in obese people. Fortunately there are natural ways to…

Learn which supplements strengthen the endocrine system, along with herbs specific for male and female issues.


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